Romal Tunes Paints a New Picture of Inspiration for Youth

Unlike in the 1960s today it is hard to rattle off names of people standing on the front lines advocating for our next generation. Well, make sure you add my guest blogger Romal Tune at the top of your mental list. Reverend Tune, or “Tune” as he is often called, isn’t your typical three-piece tailored suit pastor. You will typically find him rocking jeans, shell toe Adidas, and a T-shirt with his tattoos in full view. Tune moves bi-coastally and even internationally reminding our children that even among the graffiti of their lives….they still matter.

Romal Tune has dedicated his life to generating connectivity between faith communities, corporate and public entities, social-change advocates, and underserved young people. Tune is the Founder and Executive administrator of two touchstone entities that exemplify this mission; the national non-profit Faith For Change, which solicits community involvement with high-needs schools to keep kids in school and promote lasting academic achievement, and FFC Consulting, which engages and connects principals, companies, and organizations with the faith-based community at large. He is fast becoming one of our nation’s leading speakers and reformers on education by referencing his own aspirations growing up in a dysfunctional family and surroundings in his first book, God’s Graffiti. “When children tell their stories,” he frequently reminds audiences – “They don’t mention how they were taught, but how they were treated.” Tune he has helped guide influential organizations such as the American Federation of Teachers, the Democratic National Committee, Families USA, The United Way Worldwide, Black Entertainment Television and the Center For Childhood Law and Policy, among others. He is also a regular contributor to the Huffington Post as well as other publications. Tune’s Faith For Change has also been cited by the America’s Promise Alliance as ‘an organization to watch.’

“As a person of faith,” says Reverend Tune, “I am compelled to help people wherever I find them. God wants everyone to identify their purpose in life.” Tune graduated Magna Cum Laude from Howard University and Duke Divinity School.

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